Hose Bibs & Hose Manifolds

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Brass Male Quick Connect
3/4" Green Pipe Base
3/4" Hose Bib
Brass Female Quick Connect
1/2" Yellow Pipe Base
1/2" Hose Bib 1/4 Turn
1/2" Hose Bib
Brass 4 Outlet Manifold
Rubber Hose Washers / 10 per hanger
Brass Gooseneck
Filter Washers with SS Screen
Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker
Brass Female Quick Connect with Shut-Off
Plastic Hose Y
Brass Shut-Off Coupling
Push-Button "Y" Pattern Shut-Off
Brass Hose Y
Brass Hose Y
Metal Hose Wall Hanger
3/4" Hose Bib 1/4 Turn
Plastic Coupling

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