Kichler Recessed Light w/changeable optics (20, 40 & 75 deg)



Wattage/Lumen: 2W/100Lm


Landscape lighting versatility and functionality get completely redefined with the Kichler 12V Integrated LED All-Purpose Recessed Light. Use it practically anywhere to create a dynamic lighting effect: embed in concrete to mark a path, install over a patio to deliver ambient light, uplight trees or walls for beauty and safety. The compact size, durable design and generous light output assure you get the most out of every install.

Features & Benefits
• 3 field changeable beam spread optics offered: 20, 40 and 75° options putting light where you want it
• Integrated, fully sealed and encapsulated fixtures keep all critical components protected against the elements
• 9 to 15-volt operating range to assure consistent light output throughout a run
• Removable spring clip and compression sleeve adapts to a wide variety of applications for seamless installation
• True delivered lumens and beam spreads, unlike LED lamps used within socketed fixtures
• Comes with Cast Brass & Stainless Steel Trim

Applications Include:
• Up-lighting on buildings or architectural features
• Indicator light on pavers, decks or concrete
• Path lighting on walkways, driveways or patios
• Step lighting on entrance ways
• Down-lighting on pergolas or outdoor structures

Backed by Kichler’s 10-year warranty

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