Oasis Pump Vault




Max Pump Flow: 3,900 gph
Opening: 10"
Warranty: Lifetime
Dimensions: 17"W x 12"D x 22½"H

Oasis Pond-free products bring the quality and strength you've come to expect from Atlantic to the retail market, with more compact, easier to install products that are built to withstand the same abuse as our Pro products. Count on Atlantic's Oasis Series to deliver the performance you need for all your smaller pond-free features. Oasis Pump Vault (PV1700) Features: 1. Inset lid keeps gravel from falling into the vault 2. Pump discharge step fittings for 1_" & 2" pipe provided on both sides of the vault 3. Flat front panel installs tight against the Eco-Blox for a compact basin 4. Recessed pockets accept Triton 3-Way Diverter for use with the NEW Eco-Rise 5. Flat panel for 1_" pipe for use with the NEW Eco-Rise

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